Wilmington Wiring & Rewiring Services 

Safe & Durable Wiring Installations in Leland

Today, electricity practically runs the world. If your business or house did not have proper wiring, it would simply not be able to function, since wiring is critical to supply power to all your devices. Having a licensed team to offer complete Wilmington wiring and rewiring services is crucial, whether you are renovating an old property or starting from scratch.

When you hire our certified electricians, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your wiring or rewiring installation will be safe and durable from the beginning. During the entire process, you will be able to consult with our team at Del Vecchio Electric to ask any questions you may have, because we are so devoted to customer satisfaction.

Give us a call now at (910) 387-4463 and we would be happy to discuss your personal situation in more detail, so you can benefit from superior wiring support in Leland.

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When to Seek Out Thorough Rewiring for Your Home or Business

Even though wiring can last for a very long time, it will eventually wear out from a lot of use. This is particularly true if you own your own business or even have a larger household. Rewiring becomes necessary to make sure that everyone on your property is kept safe from dangerous electrical shocks and risks of fire.

A few of the telltale signals that your property requires extensive rewiring include:

  • Wiring that appears to look frayed, corroded, rusty, or even gnawed by rodents
  • The presence of switches, outlets, and dimmers that have smoke or char marks
  • A case of repeatedly tripping circuit breakers, even if your panels and service are fully up to date 

When you see any of these signs, it should be a clear indicator that your business or house is at risk. You should not hesitate any longer but get in touch with a team of experienced electricians like our company at Del Vecchio Electric, so we can rapidly rewire the property.

Just call us today at (910) 387-4463, or contact our team online, and you will be able to sleep better at night knowing that you have thorough Wilmington wiring and rewiring services.

Trusting in Expert Wiring Installations for Your Establishment

Are you in the process of building your dream house from the ground up, or adding a new suite of offices for your developing company? If so, this time of construction is a perfect opportunity to add wiring. While it is possible to add wiring once all the drywall and studs have been set up, it is much easier to design the layout of your electrical system with fewer obstructions getting in the way. 

Of course, regardless of where or when the actual wiring installation takes place, make sure that you are only hiring licensed professionals to take care of the job. It would be an incredible waste of time, energy, and money if you simply gave the task over to any random company, only to discover your wiring is cutting out a few months down the line.

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