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Many people automatically assume that preparing to purchase a new charging station to allow them to rapidly charge their eco-friendly cars is an easy process, but it is not quite as simple as it appears. This is because there are so many elements to consider, from your budget to your home’s capacity of service. Having a licensed electrician by your side will make this challenging process of selecting Wilmington electric car chargers much less stressful. 

Because our team at Del Vecchio Electric is so trusted to handle different specialized brands of car chargers, we have even been listed directly on Tesla’s website as a certified company authorized to install Tesla charging equipment. Therefore, if you are in the process are thinking about purchasing a Tesla, we can help you with all of your charging needs.

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Things to Consider Before an EV Charger Installation

There are a wide variety of factors to consider when you are preparing to buy an electric vehicle charger. If you do not think about these carefully, you may not end up with a system that is as affordable as you would like, or one that has the right amount of speed to meet your needs. You may not even end up with a charging station that fits your brand of car, since some chargers are specific to certain makes and models.

Moreover, not all companies are able to install every kind of charger; for example, Tesla only allows certain, authorized electrical companies to officially install their specialized electric vehicle charging stations. To avoid a frustrating situation where you have to return your purchase and waste time researching another system, just get in touch with knowledgeable electricians from the very beginning.

Levels of Charging Speeds

One of the features that matters most to the owners of electric vehicles is the length of time various chargers will take to fully supply their cars with the energy they need. 

The primary levels currently available for charging ports include:

  • Level 1 charger – This station uses a typical household outlet of 120 volts and can charge in between 3 to 5 miles an hour, which makes it the slowest level.
  • Level 2 charger – A level 2 charger usually ranges between 208 and 240 volts, and is much faster at charging, capable of supplying charge in between 12 and 80 miles for each hour. 
  • Level 3 charger – As the highest level of charge, this powerful station can replenish 3 to 20 miles every single minute. It requires anywhere between 400 volts to 900 volts.

Remember to always speak to a certified electrician, like those at Del Vecchio Electric, to ensure that your residence is capable of the electrical load required for your charger.

Call us today at (910) 387-4463, or contact us online, and you will have full assurance of our insured services for Wilmington electric car chargers.

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At Del Vecchio Electric, we offer financing options to alleviate the stress of a big bill. Call us today at (910) 387-4463 or contact us online to see how you can qualify.